Selena Gomez to launch ‘Selena + Restaurant’ series for Food Network

Selena Gomez on October 15^ 2022 in Los Angeles^ CA

Deadline reports that Selena Gomez will be launching the six-episode series ‘Selena + Restaurant’, a spinoff of sorts of her popular ‘Selena + Chef’ series that aired four seasons on MAX, premiering May 2 on Food Network.

‘Selena + Restaurant’ will see Gomez head out of her home kitchen and into the kitchens of some of L.A.’s hottest restaurants, as her cooking skills are put to the test. Says Gomez: “After cooking mostly virtually from my kitchen with some of the best chefs for the last four years, I was thrilled to step into their world. You’ll have to see if being in person helped my skills at all.”

Chefs Shirley Chung, Keith Corbin, Stephanie Izard, Andrew & Michelle Muñoz, Wolfgang Puck, and Marcel Vigneron will teach and test Selena (accompanied by best friend, Raquelle Stevens) to see how quickly she can learn the ropes with the ultimate goal of creating a dish good enough to make each restaurant’s menu. Each chef will also highlight a charity that is meaningful to them during each episode, with all of the featured non-profits receiving a donation to further their cause.

Betsy Ayala, Head of Content, Food, Warner Bros. Discovery: “Selena’s culinary journey has riveted viewers from day one as she has elevated her kitchen skills on her Emmy-nominated series, ‘Selena + Chef.’ Now, out of the comfort of her home kitchen, but with her best friend for support, Selena’s graduation to the big leagues offers a natural progression of her culinary education as this superstar shows what she can do in a restaurant environment.”

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